Question from levasseur27

Advice fightings legacy's?

I've about to start doing legacy's.

current team
Paladin lvl 99- tank maxed out all vocations for bonuses
Gladiator 90-main damage dealer
Sage 88 damage dealer/main healer
Ranger 88 damage dealer/backup healer

all my characters have maxed out vocations that give feasible bonuses to that particular character type. The slower ones also have meteorite bracers. I also have a lvl 80 backup priest in my inn. what should be added and removed?

another question. I've read that higher level legacys magic is useless on its all about physical damage is that true?


TF2IsAwesome answered:

Some legacy bosses use magic most of the time and does high damage so no its not true.
Your team is great for fighting legacies and you should NOT add a priest if you already have a sage.
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