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How do i get classes like gladiators and sages as teammates???

iv searched through tons of websites, and none have the answer. yet on youtube, people have the unlockable vocations as teammates, and the teammates have all the skills of other teammates too. PLS HELP


Firespirit1 answered:

Vocations such as Gladiator and Sage are unlocked through quests found in the game. Unlockable vocations include: Gladiator, Paladin, Sage, Armamentalist, Luminary, and Ranger.
Quest Locations (To the best of my memory):

Gladiator: There should be a priest in the lower floor of Alltrades Abbey who is standing outside the inn. Talk to him for the quest.

Paladin: On the roof of the palace of Gleeba, near to the place where you enter the bathing chambers for the first time there should be a person with armor. Talk to them for the quest.

Armamentalist: In the first floor of Alltrades Abbey you'll see a person in red wearing a fancy hat. Talk to him for the quest.

Ranger: Outside of the entrance to the Heights of Loneliness (One area past the house) you will see a woman and a child standing together. Talk to the woman for the quest.

Sage: In Gittingham Palace, if you go down the right path (and by right I mean as in right or left) you should come across a stairway that rises above 6 chests. Go up the stairway and you will see a room with a bookshelf in it. Click on the bookshelf and a book will start talking to you, and give you the quest.

Luminary (Post Game): The quest giver is in the dancing place in Gleeba. Talk to her for the quest.

I hope that the info helps and sorry for any confusion!
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