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Asked: 4 years ago

Can the Japanese and US/European versions communicate with each other?

I'm sorry if i am spamming but my mac seems to be going crazy... I just want to know if i can quest with my japanese friends. Thanks

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thanks dude, it would be really cool to game with them...

Sadly, as an "older gamer" the only people i know my age who still are still hardcore gamers are my japanese friends... :(

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It's unlikely but could be possible.

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My girlfriend has the Japanese version, and I got the US version today. We spent 20 minutes trying to connect to each other this evening. We both attempted to host a session, but we never got it working. We are playing locally, which is important since co-op is local only, not via wi-fi.

If we're doing something wrong, I'd love to learn the correct way. As it stands, it looks like they aren't compatible for co-op. :-(

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According to some interview with the game creators you should be able to Tag universially. But I don't think co op and such works. Only tagging might be possible.

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I also read that interview- it's IGN asking Horii stuff about Dragon Quest in general. When I read that, I got really happy because I have the Japanese version... But if it's only tagging and not co-op, then I've become a sad panda.

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