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Asked: 4 years ago

Story Progress?

Do the guest players in there friends game get credit in there game when the host advances the story?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Bah, oh well. That sucks only because I have 3 friends playing. We will have to help each other 4 times around to progress story or play alone, sad bear.

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Well heres an example of what your looken for

if i connected with my friend and he was host and we got to the 5th dungeon i got 3 lvl ups and some items along the way so were done playing with eachother i go back to my world im still at the same part before the Local play connection but keep the lvl ups and items

so what im sayen is you dont proggress with the story on your file while the other person does but you can still keep the lvl ups and items and whatnot

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The guest does not gain storyline progress but he keeps the xp, money, and items

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