Question from beardmanly

Asked: 4 years ago

Is there a dragoon class or jump skill?

Sorry, i didn't see my question show up before. I'm a n00b.
anyway, is the a jump/fly skill or dragoon class like in other games? k thanks

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From: Zaane1291 4 years ago

No there is no dragoon class. Sadly there isn't even a class related to dragons (which is odd since this game has dragon in its name right? >_<) you would think they could pass up a novelty job like minstrel or superstar for it but nooo....

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No. This isnt Final Fantasy. Altough, by the way of the things, soon will be.

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If you want to use a dragoon go get the ps1 game legend of dragoon. I is an amazing game. Not that bad of a look or battle style. One of the best games or ps1. Saddly did not get as much hype as all the big name drops.

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