Question from LightnessZero

Asked: 4 years ago

Someboy can help me with alchemy list?


Somebody would be KIND enough to post the alchemy list in a non-nipponic language? or post me the link to somewhere where i can see it? and by the way, i dont have the official guide, and have no means to get it in my country.

Thanks in advance.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Anyway, some guy in the board posted a cheat that opens the lists (search for a topic named "Entire Alchemy List Code").
Haven't tested it, however it might be useful for some people.

Accepted Answer

From: EK711 4 years ago

There's someone working on it now... Here's the link from a board thread.

It's being updated at least daily. Props to user Zaraf for working on this!

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Im also very interested in this but i doubt we will get one until a guide for it pops up in the faqs section. That could take weeks even months.

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You should try it. It work but doesn't have everything yet. He has a map of where all the material around the world

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