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Asked: 4 years ago

Prestige class?

How do those work? I know from what I've read theres quests but do you need to have been a certain level in base classes for them? If so what are the requirements for all of them prestige classes?

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From: pyromite 4 years ago

Gladiator- Dragon Slash (sword ability) slimes while fully maxed on tension.
Paladin- Successfully use Whipping Boy (Warrior ability) to take damage for your teammates.
Armamentalist- Put up a Wizard Ward and have that fighter kill off some metal slimes.
Ranger- Kill off hocus chimaeras with the poison from Toxic Dagger (knife ability).
Sage- Kill off some great trolls (found primarily in Realm of the Mighty, final story dungeon) with Frizz (Mage spell).
Luminary- Kill off a moai minstrel (found only in high level nature or water grottoes) with Hot Lick (Minstrel ability).

And before anyone complains to me for stealing the above answers, I'm basically summarizing and clarifying things.

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Gladiator- Need someone with dragon slash and ability to get super high tension (quest giver in in basement of alltrades abby}
Armamamentalist- Ability to cast wizard ward (quest giver is the guy in red near jack of alltrades}
Ranger- A thief with toxic dagger ability (quest giver is at the base of Zere rocks)
Paladin- A warrior with whippingboy ability (quest giver is the lady on the roof of Gleeba castle behind the fountian)

sage comes later in the game and superstar is after you beat the game.

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Sage you can get by reading a book in the gittish empire. You have to have a mage of a decent level so it is strong enough to kill the enemy it tells you to (i think it was a boss troll)
Superstar can be found in the dance hall in gleeba. I forget what you have to do to unlock it though.

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