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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find Metal Slime?

I ran into metal slimes before but I forgot where to find them. Please help.

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From: SirFlyingbob 4 years ago

Quarantomb. The place where you fought the coffinwell boss. West of coffinwell until you zone over then north in the next area.

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In addition to that Metal Medley the stack metal slime worth 22k xp can be found in the BAD Dungeon north of Bloomingdale. They are more skittish them metal slimes and run more frequently but it's a good amount of xp for it.

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For future reference, you can look up any enemy that you have defeated in the Defeated Monster List and it will show you where you can find them.

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You could look in the Alchemy Guide and it will tell you where to find it

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