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Asked: 4 years ago

Where do i go after i beat the tyrantula?

So i beat the tyrantula in the kidnappers hideout and got the boat. What city/town do i go now?

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you travel on ur boat or something I forgot cuz i past that 2days ago

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Back to Bloomingdale's Manor to locate the doll.

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What SILKA said. Then after that you can go wherever you want, you've got a boat!

...Most people seem to make for Gleeba next, it's a large Australia-looking island just north of the city where you first get the boat. There's another fygg quest there plus some awesome (and expensive) items in the shops.

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You go to Marion's to locate the doll, the a short cutscene will start. The old lady will tell you that you can have the ship, and then most people make their way to Gleeba

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