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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get more team-members?

I beat that wight knight all by myself, I'm in that broken spooky castle thing now... and I'm STILL on my own, I read other people got team members.. but I don't.
Where do I get them? ^^;
Beating Morag on your own is utter bullcrap. Get paralyzed and your dead.

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From: SharkMe 4 years ago

Use a Chimera Wing to return to Stornway, go to the Inn there, and talk to Patty, select Recruit a Friend to Create a new character, you'll get to choose from a small list of classes and get to choose a name for them and how they look, they will start out at Lv1, so you may need to Level them a bit before going back to Brigadoom Ruins. I'd also suggest buying them some better Equipment.

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You missed the inn back in Stornbrook. Talk to Patty and you can either take the default characters that were randomly generated for you, or create your own. If you choose to make your own, don't forget to put the premade characters in your party temporarily to steal the items they were generated with. :3

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After you beat Wight Knight, you can recruit team members in Stornway from Patty (farthest on your left behind the counter, blue hair) in the Inn. She offers some prefab characters, but you can choose to create your own.

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I accidentally said Stornbrook. I meant Stornway. Also, the party option is open once you talk to King Schott and sign up for the mission. Not after defeating the Wight Knight, as Rempe suggested.

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Talk to Patty @ the Quester's rest(she's behind the counter closest to the lift)

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