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Asked: 4 years ago

How can I change one of my partys job ?

How can i change one of my party members job like priest to mage

Accepted Answer

From: AgentCGR 4 years ago

After you learn to bow
Go to the tower
Go to the top
Defeat Master of Nuun
Get the fygg
Talk to Jack of alltrades
Exit and talk to him again
He'll ask you if you want to.

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You have to go to Alltrades Abbey first

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Assuming you've beat master of nu'un, just talk to the old guy at the end of the alltrades abbey building...

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After you have killed the Raging Contagion and fixed the town, head back to the train. After a short sequence you will be at Alltrades Abbey, talk to everyone several times and you will be asked to go to the nearby tower and beat the boss there.

Once you do that talk to the old priest on the first floor of the Abbey and you can change jobs.

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