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Asked: 4 years ago

What is the best strategy for making a party?

My Character is already near the white knight and is level 8. i've been soloing with him so far and have had no trouble beating enemies. When should i add party members?

Accepted Answer

From: TheTaker3k 4 years ago

Many strategies can be used and work, but i personally enjoy starting with my hero, a martial artist, a warrior, and a priest, then later on i kept switching my hero's class and stockpiling skill points with that technique, then i changed my hero to gladiator when i unlocked, i made a new member to be a ranger, and i made a mage to be a sage, so you can go many different ways. You could have ur hero, a thief (or warrior or martial artist) a mage, and a priest. 2 strategic moves i would stick to if i were you would be to change ot prestige classes later on, and to ALWAYS have a priest in your party.

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1 paladian
1 priest
2? strong attacking people
Paladian for use of whipping boy
Priest to heal you
2 other main attacker to kill

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