Question from Dark_DragonEWA

Asked: 4 years ago

How do you get the Egg On ability?

I've been duoing with a friend of mine and have gotten to Alltrades Abby and have somehow managed to miss the egg on ability.

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From: Bladist 4 years ago

Patty should give you this skill when you first recruit some party members in the Quester's Rest Inn in Stornway. The BradyGames guide says it's "Hero Only", and I have yet to see any of my other characters get it.

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You should get Egg on from reaching a certain level in Minstrel.

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You get Egg On from Patty at the inn once you recruit a party member. You DO NOT have to be a minstrel, I'm a lvl 15 Warrior and got it.

By the way, I literally JUST did this less then 5 min ago in my game.

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