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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve (quest 63 " Keep Your Eyes Peeled")?

The quest is received at the Swinedimple academy. It says to find a bright red post sign ,but it could be anywhere. Where is it?

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From: Flameclaw1234 4 years ago

If you go to Alltrades Abbey, run to the north section and get on the ship (It will always spawn there as far as I know). Sail the ship to the west, but head PAST the island with rocks into the channel leading inland. If you've followed the map and gone far enough, you shoudl see the island. Read the front and the back of the sign before returning.

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On a small island in a river just north of wormwood creek. Be sure to read the back of the sign as well as the front or you will have to return there.

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Hey where exactly is it? can u provide more detailed info cuz i still cant find it. tnx

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Is it that island with the rocks surronding it, cause i beat the game and i cant et through

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Go to Altrades Abbey, to your ship, to the west, forget first island, in second with red and blue monster, read the back of the sign.

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