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Asked: 4 years ago

Quest 039 ''Follow That Fish''?

I rested til evening and talked to the ghost now how do i find the gear

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From: supajackle 4 years ago

You can buy the dress at Wormwood creek 18000 gold, and you can either make or buy the other 2. The silver shield can be bought from the armor shop in Stornway (31000 gold I think). And the wand can be purchased from Bloomingdale (4700 gold). I'm not sure where you have to go after that though...

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After that you go talk to Jona then you go to where you fought leviathan the first time. Be prepared. Its a very difficult fight.

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For the fight do you think MY team is good
Lvl47 Minstrel 356 Attack 262 defence 175 Agility
Lvl47 Martial Artist 364 Attack 180 Defence 272 agility
Lvl46 Mage 116 attack 149 defence 194 agility
Lvl 44 Warrior 365 Attack 324 defence 35 agility

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Wow your team is high what do you think of my team:

lv.44 paladin
lv.34 mage
lv.49 martial artist
lv.35 gladiator

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i Defeated it With my party

lv.33 arnamentalist (hero)
lv.45 priest
lv.47 martial artist
lv.44 mage

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To high... you can beat him with your team at 45 all

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I beat him easy, because all my characters we level 99.

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The silver shield can be bought from the new armor shop at Stornway, while the wand and dress can be fbought in Bloomingdale and Wormwood Creek, respectively. When you've got them equipped, speak to Jona- she'll head off to Twyll Cave, where she'lll meet you in the room where you fought Lleviathan before. Speak to her; she'll summon Lleviathan, who will then attack your party. Unlike last time, Lleviathan can attack twice and can use some dangerous attacks that hit your whole party at once. If you've leveled your party up to the upper 30s or low 40s, you should be able to beat him without too much difficulty.

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