Question from GAMEFRAK100

Asked: 4 years ago

What lv. should I be to beat Ragin' Contagin?

I tried to beat him with lv. 15, 10,9,9 but I lost what lv. is good to beat him, or is it just my strategy that needs work?

Accepted Answer

From: DannyAIC 4 years ago

you can certainly beat Ragin contagion at this level. It's your strategy. What classes are you using? Do you have the full four characters? Using the alchemy pot to make better weapons and armor? you need to watch your hp during the fight, and heal when they get to 30 or below. While you may want to go brutal assault all out, and ignore the hp, not a good plan.

Also, you should try to conserve mp, throughout the level as well.

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