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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i become a paladin or a battle master?

I want to become a paladin. Or a battle master.

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From: Moulinoski 4 years ago

Go to Gleeba, go inside the castle, go to the third floor (roof) and talk to the Paladin girl there (she's behind the water thing where a guy in purple is fishing).

You will have to protect different party members in battle by using Whipping Boy, which you get by upping courage in the warrior (or solider?) lineage. Talk to her again, and then go to Alltrades Abbey.

I do not remember Battle Master right now, but I think I remember having to talk to someone in Alltrades Abbey (bottom floor).

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A battle master dont excist. Or do you mean gladiator, he is on the bottom floor in Alltrades Abbey(the sort of Priest guy)

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He is playing a different version. Battle master and gladiator are one and the same.

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