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Asked: 4 years ago

Where do i find mythril for the "follow that fish quest"?

I dont have the ability to fly yet and i would like to know where i can get me some mythril to make a silver shield. i have a white knight shield from a chest in that almighty realm and i know where to get the mirror stone i just need to know where i can get me some mythril.

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From: playingforfun 4 years ago

There is a world spawn of Mythril on the southern wall of the poison ground area North East of Batsureg. Up to 3 Mythril spawn there and remember it replenishes occasionally.

Light Shield + Seashell x 5 + Holy Water x 5 = White Shield
White Shield + Holy Talisman + Mythril Ore = White Knight Shield

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You could also just buy the shield in Stornway. 30500 G

Otherwise, you can steal/get a drop from Golems or Metal Medleys. (Taken from Alchemy Recipe Guide on FAQ page - I left the last out because you probably don't have access to that enemy yet)

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