Question from Geno211

Asked: 4 years ago

Game freezes on my acekard every time I try to complete Quest 015, Collapsus's Cal? Any help?

Game freezes on my acekard every time I try to complete Quest 015, Collapsus's Cal. Any help?

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From: -NaS- 4 years ago

All of you people are pathetic, way to assume everyone with a flashcart is a pirate. Some of us buy it for convenience of not having to switch carts all the time & carry them when going out.

Unfortunately I don't know of a fix for your problem. Try gbatemp for a solution instead of asking here where morons breed like rabbits.

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Hey, you could BUY THE F***iNG GAME. Usually works for me.

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yea u probably need to buy "The" game then if tat happens

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Yeah Yeah boys grab ur c00ks and go away

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Try purchasing the game, then you shouldn't have any issues. Kinda pathetic considering how cheap the games are on the DS system...

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first off, this isn't really the place to ask questions like this. If you did pirate the game, then please don't announce it to the world here. it's in violation of the rules here (just about every gaming site, to be honest). Other sites will be able to help you with this. I would give you a few, but that would be against the rules as well.

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This game is $35, /come on/, really

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Agreement with NaS >_> stop preaching idiocy and move on.

And... $35? Are you nuts? You don't know where Geno lives - in Australia, it's freakin' SEVENTY five dollars.

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