Question from dracojp

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I make a Mage more powerful in Attck?

How can I?

Accepted Answer

From: onvicco 4 years ago

you can train your mage in another class' skill bottom skill tree that gives permanent. ATTCK bonus. The Warrior's Courage skill tree gives permanent STR and RES bonuses. The Minstrel's 42 points bonus is in STR. Armamentalist and Gladiator skill trees increase STR too.

you can permanently raise your STR but Mage's naturally don't have a high STR stat to begin with so you'll end up with a Mage with so-so Attack anyways. Happy Hunting.

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Like onvicco mentioned, putting skill points in the other class unique skills can yield permanent raises to that characters STR which will raise ATK. Also, points in weapon skills can increase the ATK of that weapon type when worn.

The only other option is to use Seeds of Strength. Trolls carry them as their rare item (as well as a few other creatures I am sure).

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