Question from dsplayer1011

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find (Enchanted stone)?

I just wanted to know where I could find an Enchanted stone.

Accepted Answer

From: playingforfun 4 years ago

They are made by Alchemy: Thunderball x 2 + Ice Crystal x 2 + Mystifying Mixture = Enchanted Stone

Thunderball can be found on an island on the east side of the map, just south of the Swinedimples arctic area. Ice Crystal has two huge spawns in the arctic area.

Also every Magic armor/shield/glove you upgrade with a single Enchanted Stone you can upgrade with an Etheral Stone again.

Enchanted Stone + Perfect Panacea + Narspicious x 2 = Etheral Stone

You can get Narspicious in the swamp south of Batsureg.

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