Question from VictoriaSlywit

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Batsureg's Boss?

Hero - Minstrel lvl 27 - Whip
#2 - Martial Artist Lvl 27 - Fan
#3 - Mage Lvl 24 - Knife
#4 - Warrior Lvl 23 - Spear

My warrior has good equips, everyone else has the best they can have armor wise and weapon wise.

Every time I try and beat her, she wipes me out.
She uses the 'flower storm' a lot. Uses Boom a lot. Her attacks do a lot of damage (except to my warrior).

I just get this feeling that by the time I wipe out, she's probably almost dead. But I don't know. How much HP does she have?

It'd be nice if the 'heal all' spell was earlier in the levels. >>;

Accepted Answer

From: MikotoEri 4 years ago

She has 1562 hit points

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Just go grind somemore.

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