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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Tyrannosaurus Wrecks((Stellestria))?

how do I defeat Tyrannosaurus Wrecks in the Starflight Express during Quest 150. She creams me everytime. My levels are all at 65 but still lose. I mean 3 attacks around. Meditate to restore 500 HP, Summon a Comet that does 200 to all as well as strong spells. How do I win and how many HP does she have?

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From: PacoTheTaco1 4 years ago

Alright. There's the basic setup you could do: Paladin, Sage, Armentalist. Paladin and sage on the first turn need to use kabuff. Whether or not you think you need to use magic barrier is up to you. Now, this is where it gets interesting, becuase people don't usually do this. You can do one of two things: Have a beserker with falcon strike psych up to 100x tension plus wind or light with oomph...or you can can a much funner route.

Seeing as your main character will have eggon, make sure you have a ranger with psych up. The first two turns, do the normal pally-sage thing, and psych up/egg on with the ranger till it's 50. Get the armentalist to bind wind/light to the ranger, and have the ranger pysch up to 100x. Then...use Wolf Whistle. I did this to the final boss while the ranger was only around lvl 40, and got 2.8k damage per wolf swipe (there's two.) That should be MORE then enough to kill the Wrecks with your lvl (The wrecks only has 5k health.)

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First how did you get in there?

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The quest is not open in the US yet....I don't think

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It is tyrannasoura wrecks

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@mansnow Since Nov. 12th, it is available through downloading.

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