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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I do Cry Wolf?

I've had the Cry Wolf quest for a while now, and I only just found scarewolves, but I'm not sure what exactly it wants me to do. I've scared it with war cry and then killed it without letting any of my other characters attack except my martial artist, and I don't get any credit. I tried making sure that I killed it right after the turn I used war cry, I still didn't receive credit. What does it want me to do to get credit for the quest?

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From: playingforfun 4 years ago

Quests are not nearly as picky as you are assuming they are. You never need to perform an action with any specific character of any level or class. Just meet the requirements of the quest. In the case of Cry Wolf you merely must defeat the Scarewolf while it is still under the effect of War Cry. The effect of War Cry ends the instant a wolf gets an action and you see the message that it is terrified. So you must scare it with War Cry then kill it before it gets an action.

Personally the way I did it was to weaken the wolves so anybody could kill in one shot. Then have a character that is slower than the wolves do War Cry. When that character lands the War Cry next turn kill the terrified wolf with a fast character before it can get its action.

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Here's how. First turn, have two chars attack and the other two defend. Second turn, have the MA use War Cry and the other three chars attack in hopes of landing the killing blow.

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