Question from Magiicmann

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat (King Godwyn)?

Heres my party

Me- Warrior Lvl 41
Partner-Warrior Lvl 41
Partner-Mage Lvl 37
Partner-Theif Lvl 39

Any tips? I keep dying on his 2nd form. I have Gigaslash and so does my warrior and i use it twice to start. Any better strategy?

Accepted Answer

From: Bonkers351 4 years ago

First get a priest or a paladin, you will really need a healer. Use falcon slash instead, it does about 30-50 less damage but you save 13 mp so you'll last a lot more turns. Have your Mage use accelerate and oomph (I think that's what it's called). I've herd he has a move which gets rid of the boosts but he didn't do it on me. Sap will work on him which can make the battle a lot shorter. Don't bother using the Mage to attack because he uses magic barrier quite often. Other that that, just hope he doesn't use his strongest moves too often. This is pretty all I did and he died easily, and my strongest character was lv 35.

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Replace the Thief with a Gladiator or Armamentalist, your not-so-good Warrior with a Paladin, and your Mage with a Priest. Then get them to level 35-40.

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