Question from raki_gemini

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve quest 125 "perky up, patty"?

I just found out that phoebe is dead and don know what next plss need some help..

Accepted Answer

From: playingforfun 4 years ago

After getting the quest go talk to the former chief of Batsureg to get his story. Then visit batsureg at night time and find the ghost of Phoebe (you might need to talk to Patty again before this step). The Phoebe will ask you to visit her grave which is on the isolated coast north of Batsureg, you must sail there from Batsureg, if you Zoom or Fly Phoebe won't be at the grave.

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After you find out she is dead try talking to patty or just talk again, Phoebe will tell you were her grave is and you have to sail there.

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Can you explain better

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