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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Equinox?

I just need recommendation on what lvl I should be, items I should bring, special attacks/spells I should have.
My main team:
Tori - Minstrel(female) - Lvl 23
Skill Points:
Fan Skill: 7
Shield Skill: 40

Tara - Priest (female) - Lvl 22
Skill points
Faith: 42

Arnie - Martial Artist (male) - Lvl 22
Skill Points:

Amelia - Mage (female) - Lvl 22
Skill Points:
Wand: 4
Spellcraft: 38

Please improvements and what equipment my team should have.
I am the point where I have just entered Gleeba so I can get weapons and armour from Gleeba.

As for my team I have a male warrior a second female minstrel and a male theif who are all lvl 10. Currently on stand-by in Stornway.

Accepted Answer

From: AzureLivesOn 4 years ago

You might be a tad underlevelled for that fight. Even at 40, some of his attacks hit pretty decent. He just dies faster. ;)

The main problem you have with your setup is dealing damage. As you reach early 20s, Minstrel begins losing its flair and Attack starts lowering compared to a Warrior or even a Thief. You're also at that stage in the game where you can unlock advanced classes, which would help do the trick in fights like these. So you may want to consider putting Equinox on hold for awhile.

In using your present setup, however, you're looking at constant and consistant damage control from your Priest, while the other 3 deal as much damage as possible. Even with equipment from Gleeba, I'm afraid that's the best you're looking at.

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I agree - I am running around at about level30 for all my guys and still have yet to beat Equinox myself. I walk thru all the monsters leading up to him, but just don't have the defence to endure hi attacks. I have 29 gladiator, 32 Priest, 27 Paladin and 31 Mage... I can deal damage, but not take it very well yet. I am planning on waiting to run any dungeons until post-game.

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The best level to be for him is around thirty and you want to trade your minstrel in for a armentalist and level up force and sword because bosses like him have weaknesses. As you level him up you'll be able to put elements on your weapon and exploit enemy weaknesses.

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