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Asked: 4 years ago

Lleviathan (Pre-Game) Tips?

Well I'm up to the Lleviathan I can't seem to beat it!

Anyone got some Tips?
I'm Using Combo's alot and Coup de Grace's
To that help but still!

Any Tips?

Additional details - 4 years ago

My Classes Are:
ME - Minstrel
Wyatt - Warrior
Chole - Mage
Toby - Cleric

Accepted Answer

From: AzureLivesOn 4 years ago

Lleviathan is usually the first boss to kick people's ass, largely because he introduces the concept of 'bosses get to attack twice per round' (and by introduces I mean all bosses do this from now on) and he has full party attacks.

Have the Minstrel Sap him twice and the Priest get Kabuff up twice to maintain crowd control. Accelerate helps too. After that, plug away with Crack/Crackle and your Warrior, occassionally going offensive with your Minstrel.

If this doesnt work, consider leaving and levelling up a bit. I always found myself grinding the hell out of a new area for XP/gold, so it's always an option. And of course make sure your equipment is up to snuff.

That's about it. No fancy tricks, I'm afraid.

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Submitted Answers


I used:


You always need a Strong healer Minstrels are OK bUT priests are a bit better.
I used Minstrel to Egg On my MA and My MA to Max Tension and used High Attacks
and MY warriors attacked Strongly Too.

I tend to Keep My Priest on AI setting Focus on Healing.

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