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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve (#81 Mallet's Mallet)?

Where is the library they are talking about to locate the info on how to fix the broken hammer? I went "downstairs" (Academy - L1) and found a magazine in the far right room in the first bookshelf on the right called "Mallet Monthly", but even after reading it I cannot complete this quest. Do I need to mix this "wobbly jelly" they are talking about with an Iron Nail or something? What am I missing here? Is this even the right book/library they are asking me to look at?

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From: dragonsakura22 4 years ago

After reading the Mallet Monthly you have to go fight Admirers.The Admirers will drop the wobboly jelly as a quest drop.

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Zoom to Gleeba and go into the dungeon inside the castle. Fight admirers there and they will drop the wobbly jelly as a quest drop. Take it back to the quest npc and finish the quest.

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