Question from mrbagly22

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I start the downloadable quests?

I have 5 downloadable quests that I got from Sellma at the DQVC but I cant do them and i was just wondering when or how i will be able to? Also what are the rewards if anyone has done them? And what do the one with 'Story' next to them mean?

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From: VulpesMundi 4 years ago

Apparently you have to beat the game first before the downloaded quests become playable. I'm assuming the one with 'story' is actually relevant to the game's primary story in some way. The rewards... well just wait and see. ;3

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1st: Yes most of the quests you download you have to do after you beat the game.
2nd:There are a wide variety of rewards for them, anywhere from basic items to the best gear (Erdricks Armor, Metal Slime Gear, The orbs.)
3rd: Most of the story quests either have to do with characters from the storyline you have interacted with, or a few have to do with the story. Like quest 39 I believe that is a continuation of the game.

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