Question from dothackjhe

Asked: 4 years ago

How do you open the locked chests in this game?

I remember playing DQ8 back on the PS2, and I remember having the need of some tools in-game that will enable you to open locked chests that you previously encountered. Do locked chests in this game require such tools to be opened?

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From: goosebump13 4 years ago

Well it depends if you are talking about the blue or red ones. if red you need to progress through the story until you get to the goretress which is a prison and go into the tower and fight the giant pig boss. after you beat him the ultimate key should be to your left ,which will open any kinds of chests. if blue then go to dourbridge and youll find the theifs key in the pirates house by that i mean the tent....... hope that helped you out :)

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Progress the story until you get to Dourbridge. Once there, turn in 4 mini medals to the captain there and you'll get the Thief's Key that unlocks chests.

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