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Asked: 4 years ago

Are there any AR Codes for all weapons and all the armor?

Is there a site that I can get them from or aren't there any?

Additional details - 4 years ago doesn't have item codes

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From: links74 3 years ago

I have an action replay cause i got board........BTW to get it download the Eurpoian codelist for dragon quest IX and it will have a bunch more codes than the us

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Go to

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AR codes are for losers

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Action Replay = Subscription Link

Temp XML = AR Codes

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Agreeing with 0DragonWarrior0

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Dude, people play games the way they enjoy it the most.
Doesn't matter if you cheat or not as long as you enjoy the game.

And no I do not use cheat codes unless it's Wi-Fi Related. You all have to know that all DLC never gets released in the US.

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There are also some codes here:

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You're really planning on AR Codes to save your life..?

I don't think that AR Codes for Dragon Quest IX was released. This is a pretty new game, right...?

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:P Codes are for Losers and Nerds :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Hope that tormented you. :D:D:D:D

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action replay works the best it costs a bit though if you have a dsi get that virsion not the ds one it doesnt work in the dsi or dsi XL hope this was any help!!!

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Here are the codes you seek. Keep in mind that this will only give you the items in name, they will not appear in the game records. In other words, the code will only give ghost weapons and armor. If you are willing to use the code regardless, keep in mind that the weapons and armor work perfectly. Also, watch out for dummy equipment, if you find some discard them immediately.

4E974E96 4E994E98
4E9B4E9A 4EE84E9C
4EF44EF3 4EF64EF5
4EF84EF7 4F454F43
4F4D4F4C 4F4F4F4E
4F514F50 4F534F52
4F554F54 4F574F56
4F594F58 4F5B4F5A
4F5D4F5C 4F5F4F5E
4F614F60 4FB14FB0
4FB34FB2 4FB54FB4
4FB74FB6 4FB94FB8
4FC34FC2 500E500D
5010500F 50155014
50175016 50195018
501B501A 501D501C
501F501E 50215020
50235022 50255024
50275026 50295028
502B502A 50795078
507B507A 507D507C
507F507E 50815080
50835082 50855084
50875086 50895088
508B508A 508D508C
50DD50DC 50DF50DE
50E150E0 50E350E2
50E550E4 50E750E6
50E950E8 50EB50EA
50ED50EC 50EF50EE
51415140 51435142
51455144 51475146
51495148 514B514A
514D514C 514F514E
51515150 51535152
51555154 51A45156
51A651A5 51A851A7
51AA51A9 51AC51AB
51AE51AD 51B051AF
51B251B1 51B451B3
D5000000 00006363
C0000000 00000084
D7000000 020F61D0
D2000000 00000000

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Whops, that came out really bad! The codes are here:

Place those two lines together because gamefaqs will not let me write the entire address in one line.

Please discard that last message.

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