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Vocation Armor?

Hey, I was wondering, what are the names of the vocation armors for the females? Just the first set of them.

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I don't know the names of all of them, but you can get most by doing vocation quests, so if you need them that bad I suggest you do those.

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I'm not sure EXACTLY what you mean SO I'm just going to say what I think they are. Right...

Male Thief = Rouge's Robes
Female Thief = Roguess' Robes
Male Minstrel = Flamenco shirt
Female Minstrel = Dancer's dress
Male Priest = Ascetic Robe
Female Priest = Priestess's Pinafore

They're the only ones I have... If they're not what you meant then soz.

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All of the above, plus

Paladin (F): Holy Fe-mail
Mage (F) Fizzle-retar.dant suit
Armamentalist (F): Fencing Frock

A better solution to your question would be to look up the class-specific quests in the quest guide. The first quest gives equipment for the basic (starting) classes. The second quest gives equipment for advanced (unlockable) classes.

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Warrior-femicsyran mail
Priest- priestess pinafore
Mage-fizzle redardant suit
Martal artist-strongsam
Minstrel-dancers dress
Thief-rougess robe
Paladin-holy femail
Armamentalist-fencing frock
Gladiator-brawling byrany(I think, might be wrong spelling)
Sage-divine dress
Lumnary-tint-tastic tutu
Ranger-nomadic deel (this can be eqiuped by both sex)

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Here they are;

Male Gladiator: Tactical Vest
Female Gladiator: Brawling Byrnie
Male Paladin: Holy Mail
Female Paladin: Holy Femail
Male Minstrel: Flamenco Shirt
Female Minstrel: Dancer's Dress
Male Martial Artist: Tussler's Top
Female Martial Artiist: Strongsam
Male Thief: Rogue's Robes
Female Thief: Roguess's Robes
Ranger (Both Genders): Nomadic Deel
Male Luminary: Star's Suit
Female Luminary: Tint-tastic Tutu
Male Priest: Ascetic Robe
Female Priest: Priestess's Pinafore
To be Continued

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Continued From last Answer

Male Mage: Fizzle- Suit
Female Mage: Fizzle- Blouse
Male Armamentalist: Fencing Jacket
Female Armamentalist: Fencing Frock
Male Sage: Cape of Good Karma
Female Sage: Divine Dress

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Alternate Vocation Armour

Male Ma Artist: Combat Top
Female Ma Artist: Combat Costume
Male Mage: Wizard's Robe
Female Mage: Witch's Robe
Priest (Both Genders): Surplice
Warrior (Both Genders): Veteran's Armour

Oh yeah, from the original armours...

Warrior (Both Genders): Warrior's Armour
Female Warrior: Femiscyran Mail

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