Question from NintenJoey

Asked: 4 years ago

Which of these vocations can learn kacrack, kaboom, kazam and kazing??

I have a PALADIN, a SAGE and a PRIEST.

Which of these can learn any spell with KA at the begginnig and at what levels? I really need kaboom and kazing:(

Accepted Answer

From: Azn_Playah 4 years ago

No class gets every KA spell, but Sage does get Kaboom at 48 and Kaboomle at 66, Kazam at 43 and Kazammle at 61, and Kazing at 45. Only Mages learn either of the Ka versions of frizz and crack while swoosh is restricted to minstrel and luminary.

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None, except sage can learn kazing. Check the faqs for a detailed list.

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Kacrack is learned by Mages.

Kaboom, Kazam, Kazing can be learned by Sages.

Priests don't learn any offensive spells and they do not learn Kazing.

I don't know about Paladins though sorry.

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