Question from gabo123890

Asked: 4 years ago

I cant beat the night in the jail?

Its to harrrrrd!!!!!!!!! I CANT BEATR HIM , IM A PALADIN IN LEVEL 20 and i cant summon my team mates , I have a lance unit thunder attack

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From: TGSnowwy 4 years ago

During the riot, walk out of the prison through the barrier; zoom to Stornway to pick up your teammates and save; then zoom back to the Goretress and cook his bacon.

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If you are where I think you are, leave the Gortress and use zoom to Stornway and get your other party members and then zoom back. you will not be able to zoom within the Gortress because of the magic field which stays untill you beat the knight.

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You can escape the Gortress. just go outside Gortress then zoom to Stornway.

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As everyone said above, leave the Gortress, head to stornway etc. Goreham Hogg is second easiest of the Triumgorate, just try hard. Watch out for ball and chain, and such and you're golden.

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