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Asked: 4 years ago

Stormway Castle Crack?

How can I get though that crack?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Yes by the thug but I heard that there is a monster called Yore in the Stormway Castle and I think you get a DLC for it do the quest again and mayb it will work and withe the DLC youll find Yore.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Where is the guy u give a Platinum Pick to i no where the Darkonium slimes are i got the grotto

Accepted Answer

From: Jotaan 4 years ago

It's a DLC quest unfortunately that hasn't come out yet. The way that I got it unlocked (since I'm in North America) is that I did co-op with a Japanese game that already had up to quest 178 unlocked.

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What crack and where? if you are talking about the crack where the Thug is then i can tell you that you don't get to go through it. you give the Thug a slimedrop as part of his quest.

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Whats a DLC?

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You don't get through the crack. This is part of the extra quest that has you doing quests for King Schott and Princess Simona, and it also deals with the guy that you give a platinum pick to (dropped by Darkonium Slimes), and he does the tunneling. The crack that's being mentioned is the one that's found in the well in Stornway Castle.

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