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How do i get a good hammer?

I have a paladin and i need to get better hammer

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Go to the Alchemy Guide in the FAQs section and look for a hammer you can make with alchemy.

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What is the furthest town you've reached in the game (how far in the game are you)? What hammer do you currently have? If you can clarify these points it'll help us provide you with educated answers.

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I used a spear for my paladin. Its easy enough to find stronger spears as you progress, or simply learn omnivocational for swords since swords are probably the easiest weapons to find in shops.
Trident is easy enough to make around the time you get paladin and it can be alchemised into Gracos' Trident once you find flintstone near the Gortress and alchemise that with iron to make denisium
Gracos' Trident is made with Trident and 2 denisium (denisium is made with 3 iron ore and some flint stone--I forget how many exactly, so you need 6 iron ore--the farming on the map west of Coffinwell gives 3 a day--and a few flintstones)

As for hammers I do have a few recipes I got from Upover or somewhere but even I can't make them yet, so as far as hammers go I really can't give you any advice, sorry.

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Use a spear for a paladin. If not the best hammer is in stornway (after you beat the game) if you did not beat the game buy the hammer in upover.

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If you're in post game, beat atlas to get a good hammer, then alchemise it.

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the strongest hammer i have is thw Warlord's Hammer

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I only started useing hammers after i'd gotten a bit past batsurg. buy a warhammer there, alchamise it into an uber warhammer, and turn that into a terrafirma, (Or something like that)

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Well, it depends on what standard you would count as 'good'. The best hammers in the game can be found in high level grotto chests, but if you get a decent one from a shop you could look at the alchemy recipe FAQ to see what you need to upgrade it- since hammers are advanced weapons (weapons you need to get advanced vocations to use) there aren't that many found in shops (compared to the amounts of basic weapons such as swords and spears),most of them you get a hammer say from an enemy or shop, and then you alchemise it. I don't think I've found a hammer yet that can't be alchemised, and I'm in post-game.

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