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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Godwyn's 2nd form?

Here is my team:


Help me please!

Additional details - 4 years ago

I have gritty ditty already.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Never mind. I beat him already.

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From: redchain777 4 years ago

Your teams not all that bad id say just lvl a bit more then try again.
when i beat him my team was

paladin all around lvl 52/53

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Do the Minstrel quests from the ghost of Tom Foolery on the bottom level of Alltrades Abbey to get the Minstrel's Manual. Put this in a character's inventory and they'll be able to use the Gritty Ditty skill, which boosts the entire team's attack power (I had my mage use it). Combine this with Falcon Slash (for swords) and Multithrust (for spears) and any other multi-hit attack for major damage.

Also, consider turning your thief into a priest or some other class that gets Multiheal; it'll help you keep up with the damage without sacrificing much damage.

Make sure you have the best equipment you can buy/make. If all else fails, check Zaraf's Alchemy Recipe Guide on the FAQs page to see if you can make any equipment better than what you have.

My team (minstrel, warrior, priest, mage) was about the same level when I beat him.

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The lack of a priest is where your small flaw lies. Turn that thief into a priest like TG suggest and you will keep your half-inch ability and then you can steal and heal at all times. My highest person was 40 when I beat Godwyn II. Also another thing is that you have no strong attacker. A minstrel has some healing and some attack but he lacks at offense alot. Also the paladin is decent in offense but is mainly defensive. Maybe also considering turning that minstrel into a warrior or into a gladiator.

My team (Gladiator, Paladin, Priest , Mage) had no problems tearing into him.

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All you have to do is have your mage use sap frequently on him, and consider getting an armamentalist too, because their life fource combined with their sap/"armamentalists' manual" can deal serious damage. You must use sap in the beginning, use life fource, and use your ministrel to heal. The armamentalist should learn falcon slash and do all the attacking while ministrel heals. NEVER let your mage die, or else your in for some trouble. Just repeat healing and sapping.

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You need to use your most powerful moves on him

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I am stuck, too. But, I know a few tips:
Train, Train, and Train some more. Get as high as you can with levels.

(In my opinion) Minstrels are bad healers. Try getting a Priest or a Ranger even.

DO NOT USE BUFFS UNLESS YOU HAVE TO! He will use Disruptive Wave to remove all buffs like oomph, kabuff, even tension.

Watch out for Kafrizz. Use Magic Mirror or get some mirror armour to reflect it. King Godwyn is weak to fire.

Finally, mix it up. If you want a warrior with Pincusion, switch to a paladin, train skill points, and switch back.

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