Question from jiraiya19

Asked: 4 years ago

How can I get higher level grotto maps?

I have 5 pages worth of treasure maps but the highest level is lv. 25

Accepted Answer

From: VulpesMundi 4 years ago

You receive a random map after defeating the boss at the bottom of a grotto. This random map is generated based on a few factors including your main character's level and the level of the grotto that you're currently in. It's possible to get a new map that's lower or higher than the current one you're in, so you just have to keep trying.

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Submitted Answers


When you beat the boss at the bottom of your highest grotto, you will get another map depending on alot of things. (Level, total time revocated, and the level of the current map.) Just keep beating your highest level grotto until you get a higher one.

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