Question from Zarf215

Asked: 4 years ago

Is there another way to get a rusty sword?

I got one from the realm of the almighty. Is it possible to get one aside from trading?

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From: sonicking2004 4 years ago

There is only one currently aquirable in the game (no word yet if it'll be purchaseable via DLC.) Furthermore, only items with a zero star rarity rating can be traded, which rules that out. Sorry.

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There is only one rusty sword you can legitimately get.

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You can't trade it either. It is not sellable nor tradeable. Only one in the game.

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Weapons and armor cannot be traded. The rusty sword is a unique weapon(barring a release on the DQVC), tied into a collect-em-all questline. Hope you have a lot of Glass Frit and Orichalcum when you get to the ending of that questline.

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