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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get Thief's Theory?

Title says it all. -.-

Accepted Answer

From: Donkeygame 4 years ago

Go to Dourbridge and with a level 15+ Thief in your group and talk to the thief in the pub standing against the wall with the head wrap. Accept his quest: B-Coming one of the B-Team (#99). Go to the Bad Cave and steal from Hunter Mechs until you aquire the quest item Tycoon's Trove, then return and complete the quest.

Zone out of the pub and re-enter to "refresh" the NPC. Talk to him this time with a level 40+ Thief in the group and you should get his follow-up quest: Busted (#100). Go to the basement area (MUST be in basement) in Gerzuun and steal from Sorceror's until you aquire the quest item Lunar Diamond. Return and complete the quest and you will obtain 'Thief's Theory' scroll and a hefty gold reward to boot.

Hope this helps.

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You have to do both thief quests in dourbridge. Go to dourbridge's pub behind the old man with the fire. Talk to the guy on the rug he'll give a quest when you reach level 15 with your thief and another at level 40. Complete the level 15 one first, then he'll let you take on the next quest once you reach level 40. complete it and he'll give you "Thief's Theory"

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