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Asked: 4 years ago

Best Weapons?

Can someone just gimme like a list of the best weapons for each category? Please and thank you :]

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From: anothrgamer1234 4 years ago

Here's a quick list of all of the best weapons as well as their secondary abilities-

Metal Slime/Liquid Metal/Metal King Sword- 110/124/137 attack+ always damages Metal Slimes
Erdrick's Sword- 158 attack
Stardust/Nebula/Supernova/Hypernova Sword- 145/155/168/180 attack+ chance to lower defense

Metal Slime/Liquid Metal/Metal King Spear- 115/125/136 attack+ always damages Metal Slimes
Poker/Stud Poker/Split-pot Poker/Red-hot Poker- 144/155/166/176 attack+ basic attack cannot be blocked by shield

Pruning Knife- 114 attack+ chance for instant kill
Deft/Darting/Dashing/Dynamic Dagger- 132/140/148/155 damage+ always attacks first

Wyrmwand- 88 attack, MP absorption 7.5%, use for 25-33 fire damage to all enemies
Bright/Shining/Brilliant/Aurora Staff- 85/90/94/98 attack, Magical mending enhanced by 8/12/15/18, MP absorption rate 8.5%/9.5%/9.9%/10%, use for Disruptive Wave

Goddess Whip- 106 attack+ 120% extra damage to humanoid enemies
Gringham/Mega Gringham/Giga Gringham/Uber Gringham Whip- 118/124/132/140 attack+ hits all enemies

Orichalcudgel- 133 attack
Knockout Rod/Senseless Stick/Catatonic Cosh/Coma Cudgel- 142/153/162/170 attack+ 120% extra damage to elemental enemies

Orichalcum Claws- 138 attack
Dragonlord/Dragovian/Dragovian Lord/Xenlon Claws- 143/153/163/173 attack+ 120% extra damage to dragon enemies

Attribeauty- 123 attack+reduces target's tension+always hits first+cannot be blocked by shield+ always does damage to Metal Slimes
Critical/Overcritical/Hypercritical/Dire Critical Fan- 130/142/152/164 attack+ coup de grace frequency improved by 6%/ 7%/ 8%/ 10%

Heavy Hatchet- 134 attack+ 120% extra damage to material monsters
Bad Axe/Maxi Axe/Climaxe/Galaxy Axe- 146/157/168/178 damage+ reduces target's tension to zero

Warlord's Hammer- 140 damage
Groundbreaker/Earthsplitter/Moonmasher/Starsmasher- 151/160/169/176 damage

Hexarang- 101 damage+ 120% extra damage to demon enemies
Meteorang/Asterang/Stellarang/Galaxarang- 111/120/129/138 damage

Odin's Bow: 130 damage
Angel's/Archangel's/Aeon's/Seraph's Bow- 142/154/166/178 damage +120% extra damage to demon enemies

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See this FAQ:

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Best in terms of attack are those. I think the uber falcon blade it the best sword. alot of others think so too...

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