Question from DarkInferno61

Asked: 4 years ago

Is This the best item set a warrior can get?

All gigasteel armour ( shield, helmet,armour, gauntlets, kneecaps, sabatons) + gigasteel broadsword.
If this isnt the best what is?

Accepted Answer

From: Luiman04 4 years ago

Change the shield for a silver shield( white knights shield x 1, mirror stone x 3, mythril ore x 2), helmet for mythril helmet( platinum headgear x 1, mythril ore x 3), armour for mirror armour( magic armour x 1, mirror stone x 3, sober ring x 1), gauntlets for sturdy gauntlets( light gauntlets x 1, iron ore x 2, aggressence x 1. Light gauntlets would be dine too), pants are fine, shoes are fine, and sword for inferno/fire blade or miracle sword(give 32 mini medals to max meddlin for it).

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Gigasteel equipment is actually pretty low on the list. The Erdrick set is by far some of the greatest armor you can get, and there's always the Platinum gear. To be perfectly honest, Gigasteel armor is the best you can get until you get the boat and can run around to other shops and alchemy ingredient spawn points. Look to the Alchemy guide in the FAQs section, look for practically anything beyond after Gigasteel entries for better armor.

Personally, I'm a fan of Sacred/Sacrosanct Armor and Mirror/Catoptric Armor.

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