Question from WhatThe99

Asked: 4 years ago

So how did Corvus become so powerful?

All I gathered was that he was locked up for a really long time and got really angry. Is this what made him powerful enough to destroy the creator of the universe, when before he couldn't even defeat gittish soldiers?

Accepted Answer

From: ReDDsHaD0w 4 years ago

Well, it's not that he couldn't defeat them...
If you were paying attention he was already injured the first time the arrived and he beat them just fine.
The next time he was put to sleep with a drug and taken away and locked up so I don't understand why you think he couldn't have defeated the gittish soldiers.

And back on the main topic, I think the reason for his power was due to the hatred of humans because he thought Serena had betrayed him, in the end his hatred helped him manifest into his Demon Form.

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