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Asked: 4 years ago

Do the perks from one vocation stay?

The perks from one vocation say priest and i get plus 10 to mp and i change my vocation to say warrior will i still get the perks from my priest vocation cuz i was reading about them and with all the weapons you get that omni skill at lvl 100?

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From: TGSnowwy 4 years ago

The skills and benefits from the vocational skill lines (not weapons, shield, or fisticuffs) with names like Litheness, Courage, Faith, Spellcraft, etc apply to your character regardless of vocation once you unlock them. You can have your priest running around with the warrior's Whipping Boy, the Minstrel's Flame Lick, the martial artist's Psyche Up, the mage's Wizard Ward, the thief's Half Inch (steal), all of the gladiator's attack boosts, and all of the paladin's defense and hp boosts if you want. Most players eventually max all of the vocational skill lines on every character because of this.

Spells don't carry over. Weapon skills only carry over if both classes naturally use the weapon or the weapon skill is maxed.

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