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Asked: 4 years ago

Question about the 12th Grotto boss (Spoilers!)?

Ok, so after about a week of searching for this P.I.T.A. I finally got him. In case anyone is curious, i got him in Diamond Moor of Death lvl 95. (And yes, i'm well aware that there can be hundreds of different maps with that exact same title.)

Anyway, one thing that i was curious about, can anyone explain to me what he meant by what he said before the fight? He said something about Styrmling being back in flesh or something. I'm kinda confused by what he was talking about. I was looking forward to him explaining how he survived the fight with Barbaros and now all i got was gibberish. Can anyone explain it?

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So if i get this straight, technically, i'm not fighting Greynarl, i'm fighting Stymling? He did look sorta different. And if Greynarl and Baramos made up 1 dragon, that would explain why he was alot harder as the 12th grotto boss then he was at the volcano. I had a full group of lvl 99s, and i had to actually fight strategically against him. All the other grotto bosses i could just easily link 4 sets of Falcon Sword / Falcon Slashes together and beat them that way. Didnt quite work on him.

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From: jefferyyang135 4 years ago

no he is the same Greynarl as in the Magmaroo(first encounter). Stymling is a different dragon he is supposed to be related to greynarl and barbaros but you can't fight him or anything in the game. You fight Greynarl but just stronger in the grotto(if he was weak it wouldnt be any fun!)

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You fight Stymling (Greynarl in US) as a legendary boss.

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That doesn't make any sense.I thort the Grenyarl died when the black dragon nearly exploded Upover.The black dragon does this massive KaZammle thing, you fall off the Grenyarl, and he gets killed.You then land in Goretress...*bla bla bla* when you can zoom again, you get to Upover and the church guy says the Grenyarl got killed.So it must MUST not be the real Grenyarl, only a relative.

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