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In Erinns inn...?

How do you get Full sets of clothing from the celebrity guests?

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You have to change you vocation. After you get an item change you vocation to a certain one and they'll give you another one. I don't know which vocations but you'll get an item from Angelo by talking to him as a priest, Alena by talking to her as a martial artist, Ashelynn by talking to her as a Mage.

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You get three gifts from each special guest. The first is for talking to them the first time, the second is by talking to them when your main character is a certain class, and the third is by talking to them on your birthday. Two things to note, I seem to recall that there are one or two guests that don't give gifts for being a certain class, but none that I've seen yet. And as far as birthday gifts go, just change the DS clock and automatic birthday wishes.

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I've heard you also get another item if your inn is maxed out with 30 unique tags at one time via the tagging mode. This is a mute point if you can't get all those tags though.

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After you get the first piece of clothing (after your after you first talk to them in their suite), you can get the next two by either visiting them on your birthday (they will give you another piece of their wardrobe along with item, either a "Birthday Cake" or a "Party Pooper", as a birthday presents) or visit them with your "hero character" in a certain vocations (such as talk to: Alena as a Warrior, Ashelynn as a Mage, Angelo as a Priest, etc).
Your date of birth (DOB) is set through your "Profile Setting". You don't actually have to use your real date of birth (DOB), instend you can sinple change/set your in-game profile's DOB to match the current month/day setting on your DS/DSi (instead of changing your DS' month/day/year settings to match your profile's DOB settings), then change your profile's DOB back to your DOB (this is the best method as it DOES NOT require turning off your DS/DSi).
The second method requires you to change your hero character's (lead character's) vocation to a certain vocation. I think the vocation required is related to that guest's fighting style (basically I think you change to a vocation that matches they character class/fight style in past games). For example, Ashelynn resembles the Mage vocation, Alena resembles the Warrior vocation, and Kiryl resembles a priest. You can also just try talking to them in diffeerent vocations until you discover which one (and that's pretty much all I know).

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