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Asked: 4 years ago

Is there a Way to Remove Revocations From Your Hero's Classes in DQIX without Cheating or Restarting the Game?

Eg. A Priest+2 (revocated Twice) becomes a Priest, therefore removing the two revocations I've done, as I've Heard you can only revocate 10 times per class per character

I've Heard that The Hero's Max Level, Number of Revocations done to the Hero's Current Class and Level of Last Grotto Cleared are factors of the game determining the next Grotto Type and Level - the other party members aren't taken into account at all when determining this, so they don't matter. Plus, I've already tried reading FAQs and Searching Google, but no sources had anything useful on the Type of Revocation that I'm after...

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To the best of my knowledge, you cannot un-revocate, but if you level your non-Hero characters' main classes up to level 99, and get all of their class trees maxed, there really wouldn't be much of a difference.

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