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Asked: 4 years ago

I need help beating Corvus (Last time) Please Help!?

My characters:
Minstrel: Lv.48 (I changed this one to priest Lv. 16)
Martial artist: Lv.45
Minstrel: Lv.42
Gladiator: Lv. 42
Any ideas? Oh and i'm leveling up the priest

Additional details - 4 years ago

My friend told me that it will be impossible to beat him without a priest so when i defeated barbarus (the dragon) I made my main character a priest and i'm now at lvl 16. showld i keep leveling up the priest or should i keep the character a minstrel lv. 48?

Additional details - 4 years ago

I'll try that

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From: PokemonVeteran 4 years ago

well, it helps if you have a healer. Whether or not you use a priest is up to you, i used a priest, but a Sage would work even better. the healer itself isn't overly specific in Vocation, as long as it has some way to revive dead party members and heal injured party members. As for the rest of your party, i would suggest changing the level 42 minstrel to either a gladiator or martial artist, for more attack strength. Other than that, i would suggest trying to get as high of a state of tension you can and use skills like Falcon Slash and Hard Claw to hit Corvus.

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I would suggest much the same, being able to revive will be very important. Although, whether you choose Priest or Sage is kinda important. Priest gets Omniheal, which is the step up from Multiheal and heals all the way, but Sage gets Kazing, Zing's step up with much, much better success and full healing on revival. Really though, change the other Minstrel into something else. Personally, I would go for Warrior or Gladiator and get enough sword skill for Falcon Slash, but that's me.

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