Question from jstructer

Asked: 4 years ago

What lvl do i need 2 b 2 beat corvus solo ?

I want 2 beat corvus alone but im not sure what level i need 2 b to kil him as theif.i realy need hlp.

Accepted Answer

From: DragooN_25 4 years ago

You should probaly get to Lv. 56 or 60 and use Falcon slash with Uber Falcon Blade.Uber Falcon Blade recipe=Falcon Blade+Metorite Bracer,it does a lot if you have high strength.

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Depends I myself soloed him at around level 54 with fisticuffs although fisticuffs become obsolete after endgame. Probably should use Falcon Sword found in the cage in the ship.

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